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Client Responsibilities

As we have already said Howard Building Contractors are highly committed to Health and Safety, committed to the welfare and safety of our employees, clients and the general public.

However do you know that you the client/employer have responsibilities in terms of Health and Safety also

It is your responsibility to appoint a dscs to compile a basic health and safety plan for the works are about to undertake? We at Howard Building Contractors have the professional personal that can do this for you.

Did you know that if you the client employ an un-insured contractor that you are liable for any damages, accidents etc.

Did you know that if you the client employ an insured contractor who has a poor record in Health and safety and does not have his proper procedures in place you too are held responsible for any accidents or fatalities etc.

Obviously you do not want that worry or pressure on your shoulders along with that of trying to concentrate on your project so ensure that you employ a contractor that treats Health and safety as a top priority and is as keen on health and safety as he is with his price!!

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